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CPU offers high speed broadband internet service in Northeast Iowa and Southeastern Minnesota.

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Don't want to bring your computer in? Let us help you online to resolve your computer issues. SupportGive us a call and then click on the green check mark to get started. 

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Custom Build Computers

Create Your Own Custom PC

Our custom built PC's are an excellent choice for the value. They are completely upgradeable using IBM Compatible parts. All of the components used are Windows Certified for guaranteed compatibility and smooth operation. All of our systems are preloaded with your choice of operating system.

A CPU PC provides you and your family with everything you need to get online, play games, do research, write reports, and more! Our systems will run all the latest applications that carry the "Designed for Windows" logos. These powerful systems come with large processors, extra drive space, and enhanced audio and video capabilities allowing you to take advantage of the new features included in today's operating systems.

We use the latest sound cards and powerful speaker systems for enhanced stereo and surround sound effects and include digital inputs for your external audio devices.

The best video graphic cards available are used to produce or reproduce high quality video graphics without loading down the system.

You can combine extra peripherals to further enhance your experience while working or playing on your new computer system.

These systems can be combined with high resolution scanners, photo quality printers, digital cameras, webcam's, gaming joysticks, gamepads, and more! If you are in search of a full computing package, you are in the right place.

There are several other considerations such as monitors, keyboards and mice, wireless, etc., where your budget & needs will determine your purchases.

Computers are advancing very rapidly in today's market. It’s important that the computer you purchase today is upgradeable for the future.  

Each and every system is customizable and can be configured to match your specifications. You can customize your order online or by contacting our sales staff at 563-543-3162.